Our Goal

Our mission is to offer additional training sessions for players who already play for club teams or academies and to help them develop their skills while challenging them in a fun and safe environment. Our goal is to help players develop as complete soccer athletes and to inspire them to fall in love with the beautiful game of soccer.

We take pride in offering unique training with top elite coaches from Europe and professional English Premier player Christian Fuchs. Together, we follow a Premier League training model and specialize in targeting individual players’ techniques and attributes. This helps them develop mentally and physically as a strong athlete in order to compete at a higher level.

“Focus on your strengths, always push yourself and we will help you to advance.”
Christian Fuchs

Fox Soccer Academy works together with multiple football academies and agents around the globe in different leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Austrian Football Bundesliga.

We aim to show our agents around the world the best players that excel within our clinics. These players will have the opportunity to play in front of our agents, team scouts as well as have try out training at European Elite teams.

This past winter, we invited two of our players who showed magnificent talent to participate in the Leicester City camp, and they had the opportunity to train with the under fourteen and fifteen academy teams. This experience was a once in a life time opportunity for them, and they enjoyed every moment of it.

Welcome to Fox Soccer Academy

Our Principles

The team is what counts in soccer. Not the individual. Every player can help his or her team to get better and to win with individual skills.

In Austrian TEAM stands for Totaler Einsatz Aller Mittel which means Total Commitment of All Resources. So a great player can help his or her team the best. Therefore one needs to work hard and continuously to become better and better. These principles show the values we appreciate the most and are necessary for a good team player.

  • RESPECT – Everybody is different. Respect your teammate and opponent regardless of their ethnic background or the decisions he/she makes on the field
  • FOCUS – Concentrate on what is important
  • FAIRNESS – Fair play is a key factor in soccer and every other sport. Treat your teammate and opponent the way you want to be treated
  • AMBITION – talent is good to have, your will and ambition to achieve more is essential to become a great soccer player
  • FUN – soccer is a game and games are fun for everybody

The S.A.M. Method

Developed by Heinz Griesmayer and Christian Fuchs the S.A.M. Method will bring the most pleasure paired with the highest professionalism of soccer to the players to motivate and focus on the sport. Soccer makes sense only when the players enjoy the game. The S.A.M. Method is based on that fundamental concept.

The training for one day will consist of two training sessions of three hours each and split into three areas. The S.A.M. Method – Study, Apply and Motivation is used to have the children continuously receive new information of different goals in a session. This method makes time pass quickly during training.

Practicing basic movements with and without the ball. Throughout the week children will be working on all aspects of soccer: passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending. It is important to keep the focus high. Quality is more important than quantity, which allows each player to individually decide how fast a training exercise will be done.

The basics learned in the first training session will be implemented in the second one. Challenging games and matches will be the largest part of the Apply Session. The challenge will be done by the teammates.

After two intense trainings the motivation part will be the one to push and challenge the player again in a fun and playful way. The combination of motivation, challenge and fun will again make one test the limits and skills in tricky games.