Fox Soccer Academy is proud to team up with Fordham University and bring to you a certificate in in Advanced Soccer Coaching together with an credential from a prestiges Global University.

This eight-course certificate is designed for coaches of all skill levels. Whether you're just learning the game or trying to refine your skills to advance your career, each course will meet your needs. Coaches will receive insights into key fundamentals to a methodology that will help them work at all levels of the game from grass roots youth to elite pro. The course curriculum is based on the youth development syllabus of the English Premier League.

Courses are held at the Bronx Campus of Fordham University, NY.

Total for signing up for certificate, $3,250 (tuition + fees)

Early Bird Discount $3,000 (before May 20, 2019)

Parking at Rosehill Campus at Fordham University available. NO PARKING fee for certificate subscriptions (total savings $150)

Fordham University
ADVANCED SOCCER COACHING CERTIFICATE in partnership with Fordham University

Adam Sadler

UEFA Pro license coach and first assistant of Leicester City Football Club. With 20 years of experience at all levels of the game from professional youth academy to first team Premier League, Adam brings a vast amount of experience. Adding to this, he was scouting opposing teams for the Swedish National Team at the EURO 2016 in France.

Professor TJ Kostecky

Worldwide motivational speaker on his "Vision Training™ for Life" Transformational Leadership workshops for sports teams and coaches, professor of Sports Science, co-founder of the University's Sports Management Program and soccer head coach at LIU Brooklyn. TJ Kostecky brings four decades of vast experience at all levels to the game.

Guest Speakers:

Christian Fuchs

2015/16 English Premier League Champion with Leicester City and former captain of the Austrian National Team.

More guest speakers TBA



In order to obtain the certificate you need to complete all courses. 

All courses are offered at various occasions throughout the year at the Bronx Campus of Fordham University, NY.


Course 1, Soccer Basics 

An introduction to tactics, strategy and teaching techniques.

"How we won the Premier League with Leicester City" with guest instructor Adam Sadler, Leicester City FC first team coach and Christian Fuchs, Leicester City FC player.

Dates and Times (This course is held over the period of two days)

Saturday, June 8, 2019 I 8am - 4pm (lunch break from 12-1pm)

Sunday, June 9, 2019 I 8am - 4pm (lunch break from 12-1pm)

This module is designed to provide an introduction to all of the necessary skills for coaching a soccer team. Soccer Basics will include in-classroom work, as well as on the field instruction with players from local youth and college teams.


Class Room Theory - 6 hours total

Game Model, The Four Game Moments, System and Strategy, Micro Cycle, Practice Design

On Field Practice - 8 hours total

Technical Exercises, Positional Patterns, Possession Games, SSG - Small Sided Games, Phase of Play, 11v11 Games

Cost: $995

Registration fee: $50


Course 2, Developing a Game Model

An introduction to planning training session and teaching offensive and defensive tactics.


Dates and Times

Monday, June 10, 2019 I 8am - 12pm

Learning Outcomes

- To identify the key factors affecting a game model conception

- To design a context-dependent game model

- To understand how the game model affects the concept of the training and analysis

Cost: $245

Registration Fee: $25


Course 3, Introduction to Game Principles

Students will learn about the best practices in soccer periodization and will develop coaching/pedagogical skill through practical problem-solving exercises.


Dates and Times

Sunday, June 23, 2019 I 8am - 12pm

Learning Outcomes

- To know the basic rules which permit guiding and coordination of individual and team actions

- To understand the internal game logic

- To know how to use this knowledge in order to provide an accurate training instruction for youth and senior players

- To understand how to design specific training exercises according to this subject

Cost: $245

Registration fee: $50


Course 4, Soccer Analysis and Practice Design

Beyond the game analysis qualitative methods, students will learn how to integrate the opponent analysis with their own game model to build-up an effective team.


Dates and Times

Saturday, June 15, 2019 I 8am - 3pm

Learning Outcomes

- To understand the function of analysis

- To understand the key aspects of the coaching-analysis relationship

- To understand and structure the game model as an analysis tool

- To translate the analysis into the training game plans

Cost: $495

Registration fee: $25


Course 5, The Coaching Spectrum and Process

Students will gain fundamental knowledge on how to structure and deliver training session to become a more rounded practitioner.


Dates and Times

Saturday, June 22, 2019 I 2pm - 8pm

Learning Outcomes

- To understand the concept of representative design and its implications in the training process

- To set task uncertainty and complexity according to the learning/training phase

- To design practice tasks using the constraints-based framework

- To understand coach behavior as a key instructional constraint

- To use effective implicit and explicit coaching strategies

Cost: $495

Registration Fee: $25


Course 6, Leadership and Communication

Students will be guided to discover their distinctly individual effective leadership style through self-discovery experiences to become a better coach.


Dates and Times

Sunday, June 16, 2019 I 8am - 12pm

Learning Outcomes

- To develop a comprehensive understanding of the 10 qualities of great leadership

- To understand how to apply the concepts of integrity and ethics to all the teams they lead (athletes, other coaches, staff, etc.)

- To reflect on a range of issues that are critical to the leadership process, their coaching philosophy, basic aspects of the communication process and strategic vs operational leadership

- To understand the key characteristics necessary to craft a high-performance team

- To learn how to improve non-verbal communication skills to clearly articulate a message

Cost: $245

Registration fee: $50


Course 7, Practical Training Sessions/Periodization

Students will experience clinics in key areas of soccer coaching, enhancing their learning through an experience-based approach and problem-based learning methodologies.


Dates and Times (This course is held over the period of two days)

Sunday, June 30, 2019 I 4pm - 8pm

Monday, July 1, 2019 I 2pm - 6pm

Learning Outcomes

- To implement specific games on the field

- To intervene using suitable pedagogical strategies

- To identify stages of different typical soccer training methodologies

- To understand analytical and integrated processes (holistic) of soccer training

- To understand and simplify the complexity of the game in phases

- To identify the concept and features fo the game model

- To identify the evolutionary game models and qualitative practice level

- To design soccer training exercises with adequate factors calibration

- To understand some methodological particularities of training micro-cycles with on and with two matches per week

Cost: $495

Registration fee: $25


Course 8, Psychology in Sports

Students will understand principles of human behavior and learn how to enhance youth and senior performance through applications of sport psychology.


Dates and Times

Sunday, June 16, 2019 I 1pm - 5pm

Learning Outcomes

- To employ principles of counseling, values clarification, active listening, discussion and resolution

- To understand and implement principles and techniques of relaxation, mental preparation and anxiety management to enhancing athletic performances

- To identify, experience, and evaluate intervention strategies related to performance enhancement and peak performance as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation

- To encourage students to develop their own personal philosophy, values, and independent creativity as coaches

- To actively contribute to one another's learning about sport psychology

Cost: $245

Registration fee: $50



In order to obtain the certificate you need to complete all courses. 

All courses are offered at various occasions throughout the year at the Bronx Campus of Fordham University, NY.


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