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OKKULO™ technology is revolutionizing training for teams and individual athletes, improving performance by up to 64%.​

Imagine you could see, think and act quicker than the opposition whatever your sport. Well, that’s what OKKULO™ can do for you.

Our specialist training technology and environment use light science to override the biological process of the brain and adapt the athlete's visual system to improve their perception and economy of movement. When training in the changing light levels of the system an athlete's visual processing of information accelerates.

When performing back in normal light levels the athlete finds that a recalibration of the brain has taken place and that the improved visual processing continues, allowing them to consistently perform better.

In other words, we speed up the athlete and slow down their sport.

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Okkulo Packages

Choose from one of the following packages for 1on1 or group training sessions.

Please call us for parties of 5 or more at (845) 986-7777.

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