Forging pathways and creating opportunity

Christian Fuchs and our team of coaches bring a unique range of knowledge and experience gained from years playing and coaching in the best leagues in Europe. This has allowed us to build relationships with academies and clubs around the world. We are committed to leveraging these connections to create opportunities for talented, motivated players. Furthermore, it is important to us that our game is a force for good in the world. Which is why we are committed to working with others to break down barriers that prevent talented young people from accessing the experiences that would propel positive transformations in their lives. 



The SAm training method

Christian Fuchs and Heinz Griesmayer developed our training method, which is based on the belief that soccer only makes sense if it brings joy to those who play. It is out of that joy that players find the motivation and focus to improve. The SAM method cultivates in each player a deeper understanding of their own strengths, and how they can contribute to the success of a team. This understanding instills in players the confidence to be leaders and game-changers on and off the field. Learn more



inspiring connection

We are motivated by a vision of Fox Soccer Academy at the center of a local soccer community. We want our programs to be the experience around which emerge lasting relationships between players from different clubs, their coaches and families. We understand this kind of connection is often what inspires innovation and moves our communities and this beautiful game forward. We strive to build programs in which young athletes can connect with players active at the highest levels of the professional game; and see in those relationships a path from their lives today to the lives they dream.