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Demonstrated Advantages of Owning an ESA - 2022 Guide

Animals are fantastic therapeutic tools and can assist with a wide variety of mental health difficulties. Think of the ESA certificate as a form of insurance that will enable your pet to move with you and live in your home at no extra expense. Obtaining a legal ESA Letter is a straightforward and practical method of ensuring your pet's legal status in the modern era, where everything should be certified for credibility.

Contact your mental health consultant, family physician, or healthcare professional to explore if animal therapy is suited for you and how they may assist with prescribing an animal support letter.

To help you through the stages of attaining an ESA letter, consider contacting a mental health professional via the ESA application procedure, as they are the only ones qualified to submit an ESA letter in your name.

Who Can Write an ESA Letter?

An ESA Letter can be written by any licensed mental health professional, such as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, which should state that pet therapy is an important part of your treatment plan. To get an esa letter for housing, you must consult professionals who are authorized to prescribe emotional support animal letters in your area. Here is a list of people who can prescribe an ESA Letter:

Ø A Primary Care Physician

Ø A Licensed Therapist

Ø Any Licensed Mental Health Professional

Ø A Licensed General Physician

Can a Physician Write an ESA Letter?

Yes. A primary care physician can provide an emotional support animal letter provided they are licensed and authorized to do so. If your family doctor is taking care of your mental health conditions, they can write an ESA letter for you, recommending you to be eligible for ESA therapy.

Thus, for those who are comfortable talking to their family doctors, there's no need to talk to an unfamiliar doctor to get emotional support animal letters.

Can a Therapist Write an ESA Letter?

To obtain an emotional support animal letter, you can also consult a licensed therapist who helps patients to develop better cognitive skills while managing symptoms of mental illnesses. Other health care professionals who are authorized to provide an ESA letter are licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, or professional counselors.

Remember, if you get an ESA letter from a non-licensed doctor, it won’t be accepted by housing facilities and airlines. So, before scheduling an appointment with a mental health professional, make sure they are legally licensed to write emotional support animal letters.

How to Ask a Doctor for an ESA Letter?

As discussed above, you need to get a licensed mental health professional signed ESA letter to live or fly with your ESA. Your doctor will carefully check your condition, and decide whether you require animal-assisted therapy for managing your symptoms.

Here are some tips to talk to an ESA doctor:

Educate Yourself

Before you see a therapist, do in-depth research related to emotional support animals, how pet therapy works, and what ESA laws are applicable in your region. Spend extra time to read online articles and watch YouTube videos to evaluate how a support dog or cat can help people with mental conditions. Also, try to learn what the importance of your ESA is in your life and how it is making your life better.

Collect Your Medical Reports

The therapist will analyze your condition thoroughly when you ask for an ESA letter. They may ask you to provide your medical history and records in order to verify your information. Therefore, ensure that you carry all relevant reports with you.

Is Your Condition Listed in ESA Qualifying Conditions

To acquire an ESA letter, you must have one of the qualifying requirements. Some of them are anxiety, depression, motor disability, and attention deficiency disorder (ADD). Verify that your ailment is listed.

Have Open Discussion

Be candid and have an open talk about your problem throughout your appointment with the therapist. Describe how your animal companion has benefited you in controlling your symptoms, as well as all the reasons why you require animal-assisted treatment.

Elements that an ESA Letter Should Contain

A legitimate animal support letter should explicitly mention that you suffer from a mental disease that is handled with pet therapy. It should be typed on the therapist's letterhead and include the following components:

Ø Therapist’s signature and name

Ø Issuance date

Ø Therapist’s license number, the state/region where it’s issued and date of the license,

Ø Your details and your pet details (optional)


Animals are true healers. They provide unconditional support and love to people suffering from a variety of mental diseases in order to foster well being. You can fly and reside with your service animal if you have an ESA letter, which eliminates the need to pay any additional pet travel deposits and fees. Consult a registered mental health specialist to obtain a genuine ESA letter. When speaking with the therapist, be honest and calm, and list all of the reasons why you believe pet therapy is vital for you.

Animals are fantastic therapeutic tools and can assist with a wide variety of mental health difficulties. If you need pet treatment, think of the ESA certificate as insurance that will allow you to move and live with your pet without incurring additional costs. Consult your mental health counselor, family physician, or other health care provider to determine if pet therapy is a good fit for you and how they can assist you with obtaining an ESA letter.

Hopefully this will help you better understand how the authorization of ESAs work!

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