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Top Canned Dog Food Recommended By Vets In 2022 Guide

As its proud owner, it is your utmost duty to ensure that your dog stays healthy and well at all times. While that mostly means keeping up with your visits to the vet, it also involves making sure your dog gets the right canned food. But here’s the problem – there are just too many brands out there to choose from. So, the search for the esa letter for housing can turn out to be one that results in significant anguish. But have no fear, because down below are some great tips to help you make the right decision.

Traits of Good Canned Dog Foods

Any good dog food, especially a canned one, needs to have several different traits; all of which are discussed below.

Properly specified animal protein or fat sources

The primary thing to look for is a canned food that has particular meat, as its first ingredient. What this means is that the meat ingredient mentioned has the highest quantity in the canned food, as compared to all other ingredients.

Little to Zero Grain/Vegetable byproducts

Make sure that the food you get isn’t loaded with any sort of byproducts. And checking for this is as important as checking if you have taken your ESA letter with you every time you head out. So, even if your dog food does have any such byproducts, go for one which has them in smaller quantities.

The Magic Words – “Complete and Balanced”

There are some canned dog foods that are only meant to be taken as supplements or an extra snack of sorts. They aren’t exactly meant to be used as proper dietary products. However, if your chosen brand has a “complete and balanced diet” logo on its cans, then that is a good sign.

But verify that it’s issued by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), as opposed to a mere random and baseless sticker

Traits of Bad Canned Dog Foods

Much like any other consumer product, canned dog foods have their fair share of bad apples as well. And just like a not-so-fun Indoor Dog Park, they have the ability to make your dog feel down. So, be sure that the canned food you choose doesn’t have any of the traits discussed in the coming paragraphs.

No Proper Mention of Animal Sources

Common indicators of this include the following terms:

  • Meat

  • Meat byproducts

  • Poultry

  • Poultry by-products

  • Animal fat

Use of Meat or Poultry Byproducts

There is a great deal of diversity in terms of quality and type when it comes to such byproducts. And that is exactly why they are considered taboo when it comes to dog food. There is no way for an everyday dog owner to possibly know where the byproducts are stored, whether they are clean or even fresh.

A very good reason to steer clear of such dog foods is that there is a risk that the byproducts in them have been simply swept off the floor or passed through drains at some processing plant. Where they could very well have remained for days before someone actually removed them.

Wheat Gluten

One thing commonly found in most wet foods is a sort of thickening or binding agent. Usually, several types of gum are the obvious choice for such agents. Similarly emotional support animal letter, whole grains or potatoes can also be used to that end.

However, when you see the words wheat gluten on the can, just gently put the can down and walk away. Because that is a sign that the canned food is using a side ingredient as a substitute for protein. As such, the food isn’t as nutritious as it should be, thus making it a bad choice.

And there you have it, folks! That is all the information you need to make an informed decision about which canned dog food you should buy.

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