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Process Of Getting An ESA Letter From Doctor - 2022 Guide

Emotional health is highly relative. Some people recover from trauma quickly, while others take their time. An animal by your side can improve your mental health significantly. Just like a service dog can help physically disabled individuals, an ESA can help you if you are traumatized or suffering from deteriorating health. There is a piece of paper that can magically turn your pet into an ESA. This document is called an ESA letter and it is recognized by the government. It is recommended that you decide what pet you want to get along with a name because these are mentioned in the letter.

ESA vs Regular Pet

You may be wondering why a regular pet is incomparable with an ESA? An ESA, like medication, is an animal prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. They are your buddies who accompany you at home and sometimes outside. If your landlord has a strict NO PETS policy, simply show them your letter and cuddle freely with your furry friend. Without the letter, you will have to obey your landlord.

ESA documentation

After obtaining the letter, you can keep your ESA at home, take them to airports, and ESA-friendly restaurants. If you live in an apartment, you can take your ESA to the lobby, stairs, and any other place within the building where residents are allowed.

Online or offline?

When getting an ESA letter, you are faced with two choices of procurement. Firstly, you can discuss your ESA needs with your current psychologist. Secondly, you can use online websites to get the letter at home. Both methods are legitimate and you should choose one that is more convenient.

Who has the authority to write an ESA document?

ESA letters cannot simply be written by anyone in the medical field. Since it is a legal document, you would want it to be written by someone qualified to write such letters. Please note that the writer must be a mental health professional and possess a license that is legal in your state. Whether they are present online or offline, individuals belonging to the following professionals can legally write this document for you.


Psychologists are mental health professionals that help you with any psychological conditions that you have. They diagnose and treat your mental illnesses through therapy. If you are suffering from a psychological condition like PTSD or anxiety, the psychologist may write you an esa letter for housing. If you already have a psychologist in mind, ask them to draft this letter for you immediately after a diagnostic session.

Licensed Social Workers

Clinical social workers analyze and cure emotional and mental health cases in society. Since they are themselves members of the community, they are aware of the mental health problems. A social worker can better judge whether an ESA can solve your problems or not. Social workers may recommend emotional therapy if need be and help you obtain an ESA.


Didn't I already mention psychiatrists at the beginning? No! Psychologists and psychiatrists are as different as day and night. Even though their jobs are similar, psychiatrists are medical professionals (doctors) who are experts in mental health. If the psychiatrist believes that an animal can help you recover, they have the authority to craft the letter for you.


Can regular doctors write ESA letters for you? Of course, they can! A physician deals with a wide range of physical and mental diseases. Since physical and mental health is interrelated, a physician aims to decrease any anxiety or stress that their patient has. To help with your mental illnesses, a physician has the capability of writing ESA letters.

Professional Mental health Nurses

Please note that, unlike physicians, not all nurses have the authority to write to draft a letter for your ESA procurement. However, if you are in contact with a psychiatric mental health nurse, you are in luck! After analyzing your mental health condition, the nurse can recommend any type of therapy and that includes animals. For your emotional support, a psychiatric nurse may recommend the usage of an ESA and thus they will write the legally binding document for you.


Sometimes it is far more convenient to get your letter online. Many people do not have the time to wait for hours in a doctor's office and then ask to write a letter. The easiest solution is getting your letter online from verified mental health professionals. However, care needs to be taken to avoid being scammed.

Avoid Fake letters

Don’t just go on to any website and pay them to write your letter. It is your responsibility to analyze the website and look for red flags. If the website claims that they will write the letter, certify your pet, register them with the government or get your emotional support animal letter for you, chances are that it's fake. Additionally, if they refuse to send you a sample letter, avoid their website. Finally, if they claim that they will not evaluate your health, they are fake.


In conclusion, an ESA can resolve a lot of your mental health problems but there’s a catch. Your animal can only become an ESA if you have the required documentation. Countless professions related to mental health can prescribe you this letter after diagnosing you. There is no need to wait; get your letter today.

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