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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Multi Tool: Best Buying Guide

Despite there being many different types of multi tools (tactical, electrician, EDC, etc.), they aren’t all that different from one another. So no matter what you need a good multi tool for, learning how to identify and distinguish basic qualities of a multi tool will help you find the perfect the best multi tools available on the market to buy.

In this short buying guide, we’ll tell you about three useful questions you can answer so that you can pick out the best multifunctional tool for yourself!

What Are Your Most Basic Needs?

The first thing to do before you set out to pick a best rated multi tool is decide what the ideal multi tool should be able to do for you.

Some people will like a tool that’s practical and compact. If you’re part of this crowd, the best EDC multi tool will do you a lot of good. These are designed to be as lightweight and transportable as possible.

In order to lessen the weight, Everyday Carry (EDC) multi tools are often loaded with only the most essential tools like pliers wire cutter, knife blades, bit driver, bottle and can openers, and common types of screwdrivers such as Phillips screwdriver.

On the other side of the aisle, professionals will want a multi tool set that is more robust and can carry a lot more tools to act as their miniaturized toolbox like a tactical or electrician multi tool. They typically contain every kind of tool imaginable, though tactical multi tools will generally have more specialized tools included like tools to clean and disassemble firearms.

Professional multi tools are also typically made from much more robust materials, such as a high quality stainless steel construction.

Overall, decide on what you want most out of a pair of best multi tools on the market: compactness and practicality (EDC) or ruggedness and versatility (professional.)

Pliers or Scissor-based Tools?

Once you’ve gotten the first question sorted out, the second question is more related to the design of the tool.

On the market, you will find either multi tools that have a pliers wire cutter head or a scissors head. They are the “core” tool, so to speak.

If you are an electrician, engineer, or DIY-er who regularly has to deal with electronics, the pliers wire cutter head will come in handy for wiring projects. On the other hand, for office workers and most people, the scissors head can be used to open up packages, letters, and cutting paper. Scissors head can also be of great use to military personnel and law enforcement to cut gauzes and bandages for first-aid.

How Important Is A Knife Blade to You?

Almost every multi tool nowadays has at least one knife blade on them. A high quality knife blade is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of tool on your multi tool, being capable of doing single-handedly dozens of different jobs. From the office as a quick way of cutting up packages and letters, to the wild as a way to cut off small branches to make a small campfire or to do field dressing, all the way to the battlefield as a self-defence and survival tool.

If you seriously need dependable and high quality knife blades that can do the job perfectly whenever you need it to, make sure to find the best multi tool knives available. Ideally, the knife blade should be safe, dependable, and quick to deploy. Additionally, it should also be constructed from quality material and, if possible, replaceable once broken.


Once you’ve answered these three questions, you will have in your head the basic outline for the best multitool to buy.

Hope you’ve found this article to be useful!


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