Study. Application. Motivation. The SAM Method was developed by Heinz Griesmayer and Christian Fuchs to introduce a professional structure to youth training, to inspire in players a joy and pride in their development. Players remain engaged and training seems to pass quickly, because they are continually presented with new information and challenged with new goals. 



The practice of basic movements with and without the ball in every aspect of the game: shooting, receiving, passing, dribbling, defending. Intense focus on technical accuracy and quality rather than on quantity or repetition for its own sake. This means individuals play at the pace necessary to get the exercise right before advancing. 



Exercises and skills studied in previous session are applied in games and small-sided matches between players. Coaches may present additional challenges as players demonstrate proficiency and then mastery of skills.



Sessions culminate in fun and playful challenges in which players are able to demonstrate what they learned, and are given the freedom to invent new approaches. Coaches may join games to encourage creative play.