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With our train @home programs we are combining Technical Training with Speed & Agility Workouts. The exercises were designed for individual training in your backyard. All you need is a ball and cones (or any small objects). Activities are for any age group from 8 years and up.

Christian has put together these videos after working with Roger Spry for 10 years at the Austrian National Team. Roger Spry is internationally recognized for his work with Jose Mourinho (Tottenham Hotspurs), Arsene Wenger (former Arsenal FC), and many high-profile players. Find out more here.


Warming up with the ball at your feet to prepare you for your personal training session.



Technical workouts continuously increase in difficulty to always further challenge you.

With increased difficulty, you will find it harder to complete and execute activities.

Consistently and focus to detail is key to mastering all challenges.



Our CruceFox practices are simulating everything needed during the game. Ball control, passing, movement in all directions as well as speed & agility.

You won't get enough!



In addition to our FSA technical activities we offer you a variety of running and work out exercises to keep you fit over the training and game free period. Enjoy the benefits of our 60 plus training tutorial videos plus training plan suggestions for players of 9 years in age and older.

Our TRAIN @HOME offer is available for a one off purchase of $55 and gives you access to the full database of home training exercises created and demonstrated by Christian Fuchs.

The offer will be available until April 30, 2020. After this period, a monthly subscription of $135 can be purchased at any time.


Join the other players that are already practicing at home and staying ahead of the game with our training program!