These values are the foundation of an approach to life on and off the field. In Austria, we say, “Totaler Einsatz Aller Mittel” or TEAM, to refer to this way of being. It means “Total Commitment of All Resources.” We want to ask, what is possible for each of us individually, for our team, for our community if we all commit totally to realizing the best in everyone?


Because this game is played by peoples of every origin, it can be the ground in which you plant the seeds of powerful connection to others. Only in respecting everyone, regardless of their identity, do you nurture those seeds into meaningful relationships and experiences from which you yourself grow and learn.


Why do we play? For all that this game is and can be, it must first of all be fun. Let us all remember that the joy of play for the sake of playing is what makes this the beautiful game.


In any walk of life, there will always be distractions from the goal or from the path that would take you there. But, if you know what your strengths are, and remain focused on what is really important to you, there won’t be a barrier you can’t overcome.


On the field, it is a commitment to fair play and sportsmanship that allows each of us to fully express ourselves, brining joy and inspiring invention. Off the field, we must insist that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive and to play.


To have ambition is to know what is really important to you, and to be motivated by the vision of that made real in your own life. It is essential to achieving your goals on and off the field.