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We are pleased to welcome you to the Fox Soccer Center of Excellence.

FSCE is a supplemental training program designed to improve the individual player through specialized training in an academy setting. The curriculum focuses on improving the players technical, tactical, physical, and cognitive ability. We recognize the importance of supplemental training in a youth player's career and provide an environment where the individual player can continue to improve crucial areas of their game outside of the team setting.​

Once a player enrolls in a class or program they become part of the Fox family, where they will be developed, monitored, and evaluated. We will also provide recommendations for future programs, and players can progress through the levels based on their performance, attitude, and desire to improve.

The program is for boys and girls ages 8-13.

Our coach Paul Kenworthy is looking forward to welcoming you!




Skills & Scrimmage
Level (Beginners leading into travel)


May 24 - June 14, 2024 | 5 - 6 PM | $95

Players will work on technical training for the first 30 minutes of the session and then they will scrimmage for the following 30 minutes and put their skills into game-like situations. They will be focusing on dribbling with the ball, changing directions, using both feet, skill combinations and many more technical aspects to the game.

Ball Manipulation
Level (Intermediate travel players into Academy)


May 24 - June 14, 2024 | 6 - 7 PM | $95

Players will be pushed to be comfortable with the ball at their feet and utilize all parts of their right and left foot. They will be put to the test and really focus on individual ball skills. This will also include the correct techniques of receiving the ball.

Striker & Finishing
All Levels


May 24 - June 14, 2024 | 7 - 8 PM | $95

Players will learn the correct techniques of being able to strike the ball like a professional. Laces, Inside, Outside, Curve, Overhead kick, whatever they need to use within the game. Players will be able to walk away knowing that they will be able to strike the ball correctly and be able to put the ball past the GK with confidence when their opportunity arises.

Stay active, whilst your child is training, with the programs of Hudson Sports Complex. Running, kayaking, working out and much more to keep yourself active and fit. Visit or call (845) 986-7777 for more information!

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