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Fox Soccer Academy is an elite youth development program with operations in New York, London and Vienna. Our clinics and training camps offer motivated young athletes a unique opportunity to learn directly from professional coaches and players.
What is the Fox Soccer Academy Alliance?
Our program is strictly supplemental training with the aim to help your club improve your players. The program is based on a Premier League standard curriculum, developed by our Global Head of Coaching Mark Smith and Christian Fuchs. Fox Soccer Academy Alliance offers the chance for talented young people at your team to receive additional, year-round training to further enhance their game for your team.
The Outcomes
With your players receiving a high level of European coaching throughout the year they will further excel in your team with fine-tuned skills and dedication.
Fox Soccer Academy will work closely with you to create professional opportunities for trials in Europe and the USA, further establishing your club as a grassroots pathway to the pros.
Training with SABA, Brooklyn
What FSA will do?
Offer weekly, supplemental training sessions for the most talented young players at your club.
Work with you on pricing plans that are discounted for your players or create new revenue options for your club
Work with you as a club to ensure the best players are seeking the correct pathways including identifying scholarship players for our program
Promote your club on the Fox Soccer Academy website as an Alliance member
The Fox Soccer Academy coaching team to come to your club twice a year to take over a coaching session
Host showcase games and use video footage to promote your player to European clubs
Support your players to turn professional and for your club to receive solidarity and training compensation payments


Please email us at to have an FSA staff member review your clubs' interest in this Alliance program.

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