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We are taking pride in creating opportunities for our players on every level. Our club structure allows talent to flourish and to enjoy the game from early ages up to the senior stage.

Introduction Into Soccer
As early as by the age of 3, children are welcome to our club for an introduction into physical education. Our Future Foxes program is the ideal way for them to have fun, exercise and play with a ball.

Players will have the opportunity to join our Pre-Academy at the age of 6. They will be introduced to basic technical skills, game play and getting used to a team environment by creating relationships with other children of their age. Clinics and camps will enhance player experiences throughout that stage.

Development Phases
Climbing up the latter in our club, different parts of the game are applied to provide the best possible athletic and educational progress. As players approach certain milestones in our club, they will be introduced to different phases of our curriculum which are based on the English Player Development philosophy.

Youth Development Phase (U9-U12)
At this stage the emphasis of their weekly training routine will be heavily focused on their technical abilities. It is the basis of every soccer player to be able to rely on a good technical foundation to allow progress into more advanced stages of our curriculum. This also includes the technical aspect of our tactical curriculum and to understand body behavior, positioning, and moving in space.

Professional Development Phase (U13-U19)
We look at this progression, as they enter the Professional Development Phase, to see what we consider their technical strengths to be. This can form their pathway into specific positions within the Professional Development Phase. Our goal is to produce players who are well-disciplined, have an excellent attitude, want to succeed, enjoy working hard, and giving 100% all the time.

Fox Soccer Academy is an international academy with locations in the USA, U.K., and Austria. This setup allows us to provide unique opportunities to our players to follow a path to professional and senior soccer on a large scale.

International Pathway
By the age of 16, players have the opportunity for an international experience and join Fox Soccer Academy in England. Our full-time academy overseas hosts showcase games against professional academies on a monthly basis. Players will play and compete weekly on the highest college level with our FSA PRO teams whilst training 4 times per week. Find out more here.

National Pathway
FSA Premier players have the opportunity whilst being at the club to gain senior experience with our UPSL 
team by the age of 14 based on their abilities and as deemed appropriate by Fox Soccer Academy. This enhances their development as they are challenged more physically on a higher level. As players come to their last year in our academy, coaches will assess their progress and ability to further continue their journey with our club with our senior teams.

Fox Soccer Academy is committed to excellence.
Our players are the centerpiece of our organization.

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