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Prestige & Excellence: Achieving UEFA Licenses

Fox Soccer Academy - UEFA Licenses

Fox Soccer Academy (FSA) is striving to create and to be the most premier soccer academy in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Christian Fuchs, Founder and President of FSA, has instilled a culture of excellence across the entire organization which has spread from the sporting the players...and to the families dedicated to the Fox Family and newly formed FSA PREMIER club teams. As part of this culture of excellence, we are building a true academy structure through a tiered system of teams from FSA PREMIER leading up to FSA PRO. In addition to our organizational framework, the leadership of FSA have been working on earning prestigious certifications and coaching licenses. Our FSA PREMIER coaches all either have UEFA or USSF Licenses and most notably, Program Director of FSA PREMIER and FSA PRO Head Coach, Michael Holzer, was recently in Germany working on receiving his UEFA B License!

Michael Holzer FSA - UEFA Licenses

The UEFA Coaching License Pyramid is a valued qualification system and highest education curriculum for those pursuing management and coaching roles in the soccer industry. Immediately following his trip to Leicester where he met with FSA colleagues and Leicester City FC staff members, Michael made his way to Germany for a 3 week course. He has completed several UEFA Licenses during previous roles and with his leadership position at FSA, attaining the UEFA B is a large step in the right direction for himself and for our organization as a whole. He is now on a path to achieve the UEFA A and Pro Licenses which are the highest certifications possible within the soccer world. Not only do his triumphs add an internationally recognized stamp of qualification, but the courses have left him with expansive knowledge on designing premier-level practices and coaching strategies that will enable player development across all facets of Fox Soccer Academy.

This recent achievement will only aid the future success of FSA in terms of teachings and culture as Michael has a proven track-record of success during his own playing days and now coaching at the collegiate and semi-professional level with our very own FSA PRO Foxes. We are proud to also mention several of our other FSA coaches have attained their UEFA Licenses including Austin Friel, which displays our dedication towards excellence.

There is a holistic and unified plan on how we are developing the culture and professionalism of FSA and our leaders are doing just that: leading us through their actions and accomplishments. We’re building something special as we want to be a leader in the development of soccer here in the US through technical, tactical, mental, and physical education. FSA is excited for our continued offerings of Supplemental Training, Little Foxes, 1-on-1 Training, Summer Camps, and more. We are particularly looking forward to our inaugural year of FSA PREMIER with teams kicking off in early Spring and these qualifications by our staff members will only enhance all of our soccer programs. Congrats Michael and the entire organization on another feat as we begin 2020 with fresh visions and our eyes on the prize!

Micael Holzer FSA - UEFA B License

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