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An Open Letter From Chad Metzler

Updated: Apr 2

Why Fox Soccer Academy?

An open letter by FSA of the Carolinas Co-Founder and Executive Director Chad Metzler.

Charlotte, March 29, 2024

What makes Fox Soccer Academy different? I find myself answering this question all the time. And the answer is an easy one - we are an academy that is all about the players. That is it.

In a world in which the US youth soccer industry has become a corporate-style, marketing-driven endeavor, the one thing that often gets lost is the individuals, and their desire to play the game.

We often make the very important distinction that Fox Soccer Academy is an academy and not a club. It may sound like semantics, but it is important. An academy is an organization that is designed to educate and foster each players' development, whereas a club is a group of teams whose goal is to find team success to further the club's ambitions. Our ambitions lie, solely, with each players' own growth and success.

Our coaches care. They care about our players, not just the players on their team, but the players throughout the academy. They care about each other as well. This is why you will often see 2, 3, or even 4 or more coaches at a single game on any given weekend. Our mission is to educate players, not just to collect wins for each coach's personal resume.

As an academy, we also believe in fostering a true community. This is not a buzz word that someone stuck on a wall or a T-shirt. Our players and families enjoy the experience both on and off the field, and that to us, is the most important thing we can offer. Teams support one another at games. Players participate with the academy away from the training pitch - the Academy has attended several professional games, hosted bar-b-ques and gold outings, gone bowling, visited a haunted forest during Halloween. Players often attend sessions on their own with other teams on their off nights, or before or after their regular sessions. Our players feel like they are valued as individuals, and they are not just a number.

As for the soccer, Fox Soccer Academy offers world-class instruction, organization, and opportunities. We value risk-takers and problem solvers. We do not believe in just having the most athletic players bash the ball straight down the field to try and win games without enjoying the game. Our players are industrious, tactical,and thrive in a high pressing, possession-oriented attacking style of play that can be recognized in our U9 and U19 teams alike.

We believe that team success follows player development - it is an outcome, but not the goal. That said, in just our first year, our teams regularly have the opportunity to compete with teams from many top leagues in the country and have enjoyed a great track record of success. In March 2024, our 2009 girls were the only Carolina-based girls' team to compete in the US Academy Cup and enjoyed an undefeated weekend against top teams from ECNL, Girls Academy and USL. Likewise, across all ages and genders this year, our teams have enjoyed a collective winning record against USL, ECNL, DPL, NL, Elite 64, NPL, and MLS Next teams. The myth that you must belong to this league or that in order to compete at a high level and gain exposure is false.

Worldwide, Fox alumni are currently playing on professional teams in 6 different countries including leagues such as the MLS, USL, English Premier League, English Women's Super League, and Serie A. There are currently Fox alumni playing college soccer at all divisions, and our NC staff has been directly involved with the college recruitment of over 300 players over the last decade. We have current, professional working relationships with 25 professional clubs in the US and Europe, and over 150 colleges in the United States.

Our commitment to player development is unlimited. Our goal is to provide the best environment for every player to excel, as both a player and a person, to their maximum potential. Whether this comes in the form of providing cutting edge video and performance technology, continuous individualized feedback, or just a fun and friendly environment for players to thrive in, we are here for the players.

Chad Metzler

Fox Soccer Academy of the Carolinas

Co-Founder & Executive Director

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Fauly Matrix
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Our ambitions lie, solely, with each players' own growth and success. snow rider 3d

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