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Warwick, NY: Fox Soccer Academy (FSA) is a premier academy for youth soccer development. We are taking innovative measures to continue to develop young talent into future soccer professionals.

FSA seeks to invest in the future of the game of soccer by introducing talented, young American soccer players to a new level of competition by guiding them through the rigors of European demands and expectations. The qualified and accredited staff at Fox Soccer Academy can assess and identify these talents and prepare players for the next level of competition. These youth soccer players will be developed with the intention of giving them the opportunity to showcase for teams in major European leagues.

We understand the financial hardship of a soccer academy, and that is why we are investing in young athletes by assuming the financial obligations for these talented players and their families.

The selected athletes and families will sign a contract with Fox Soccer Academy during ceremonies at Hudson Sports Complex.

For more information, please visit

Player #40 - Ian Enamorado (parent, Patricia Enamorado)

Player #41 - Iker Enamorado (parent, Marvin Enamorado)

Player #42 - Aaron Lewinson (parent, Rachel Lewinson)

Player #48 - Isaac Lewinson (parent, Rachel Lewinson)

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