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An Unforgettable Trip For Our FSA Family

A group of around 70 Fox Soccer Academy players and parents made their way to Charlotte, NC, to support our founder, Christian Fuchs, in his MLS home opener between Charlotte FC and LA Galaxy. It turned out to be a trip that will put everybody in the history books.

  • Meet & Greet With Christian Fuchs - Scarves for Everybody!

  • A Historical Game

  • Stadium Tour as The Cherry on The Cake

Meet & Greet with Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs (left) with Fox Soccer Academy players.
Christian Fuchs (left) with academy players.

As our FSA Family traveled to Charlotte to see the game between Charlotte FC and LA Galaxy, our founder Christian Fuchs didn't want to waste any time to meet his players on the day of the game. Everybody came together at the hotel where our players stayed just to go for a little walk to visit the Charlotte FC fan store.

After getting geared up for the big game, the group went to get some food at a local restaurant. It was a nice get together with pizza, salad and, as you can imagine, a little surprise for every player from the Fuchs family. After thanking everybody for coming to Charlotte and support him at the game, Christian took out some "Charlotte FC vs LA Galaxy" branded scarves and handed them out to all the players.

A Historical Game

It is the day when Charlotte FC played their first ever home game in the MLS at the Bank of America Stadium. This alone only is already a historic benchmark for the club of Christian Fuchs, but not the only historical event that day. When the stadium speaker announced a record attendance of 74,479 people that came to watch the game, and our players being amongst them, the MLS record for the largest ever audience at an MLS game was newly established.



And experience the world of Fox Soccer Academy yourself!


The game started with a big bang!

The evening started with a little dilemma when the mic cut out during the National Anthem. What followed was an unforgettable moment, as all 74,479 fans took over to turn the Bank of America Stadium into a huge stage (VIDEO). Both teams were welcomed to the game with fireworks and a roaring sounds from the stands.

An electrifying audience brought a huge amount of energy into the stadium which our players have soaked up from the beginning to the end. It was a great experience for them to see the level of play, and to learn from two top sides that gave their utmost best on the night. An even game saw both teams pushing for a decider at the final stages of the game. And if the above

FSA Families in the stands minutes before the kick-off.

wasn't enough, it was our founder, Christian Fuchs, who nearly scored the 1-0 lead for Charlotte FC only 15 minutes before the end. Unfortunately LA Galaxy's keeper was able to save the ball with the follow up hitting the post. Only one minute later, LA Galaxy scored the match winning goal with an incredible shot from distance that left Charlotte FC's goalkeeper no chance.

Despite the result, our FSA Family had a great time and even more, get to experience the largest audience at an MLS soccer game in the history. Unforgettable memories made by Fox Soccer Academy!

Stadium Tour as The Cherry on The Cake

The tour was coming to an end with one last event put in place for our FSA Families: A full blown stadium tour visiting the field, suites, changing rooms and what not.

"I am so glad to have such great players and families in my academy. It makes me proud and really happy to see them experiencing unique events like these, and to know they are a part of my personal journey. I hope they have been inspired by what they have witnessed and that they will strive for more! It is definitely not the last special event we are putting on as an academy - there is so much more to come!", Christian Fuchs.



And experience the world of Fox Soccer Academy yourself!



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