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FSA PREMIER Foxes Taking Shape!

FSA PREMIER Soccer Tryouts - Hudson Sports Complex

The fields at Hudson Sports Complex were prepped and ready for a frosty day of soccer this past Saturday. The scene: Round 2 of our FSA PREMIER tryouts for girls and boys ages U8-U18. One by one, talented players and hopeful Foxes made their way to HSC with the goal of making an impact and impressing our coaches.

It was a truly special day, not only because we had over 200 participants looking to showoff their game and join our clubs, but Founder and President, Christian Fuchs, was in attendance. Christian was delighted to be in Warwick for the tryout session because this was the first time he was back in New York since FSA PREMIER had been announced. The entire FSA coaching staff along with Christian were excited to kick off yet another momentous day in the history of the organization.

Christian Fuchs - Fox Soccer Academy - FSA PREMIER Tryouts
Christian Fuchs cheesin' with tryout participants!

The day was broken down into specific tryout sessions based on age groups and gender. The morning began with U8 to U10 girls and boys going to work and boy did they have some energy! As the day progressed, older boys and girls were split into groups looking to receive good marks from the staff and compete against their peers.

Each session had specific purpose and goals developed by Program Director and Coach, Michael Holzer. Him and his staff made sure every player received proper warmups and then divided everyone into certain drills to test their technical abilities, athleticism, endurance, and team play. The staff had the players work on their spacing, passing, touch, and their finishing accuracy.

At the end of each session, HSC's resident Speed & Agility trainer, Coach Crown, took the players to do a proper cool down with engaging drills and stretches. Coach Crown worked on balancing techniques, post-workout stretches, and footwork. From start to finish, we wanted to put the players through as professional an environment as possible to get everyone acclimated to the standards we will be putting into place.

Overall, Coach Holzer was very pleased by everyone's skill level and more importantly, their competitive spirit as well as sportsmanship. He was impressed by the turnout and loved seeing all the potential Foxes battle it out on the fields. Each and every participant showed up ready to put in the time and did it with a smile on their face, albeit freezing faces as the temperatures didn't go above 34 the entire day!

A wonderful piece to each tryout that helped add some warmth and assurance, however, was the fact that Christian provided some encouraging words for all the participants. He was very impressed by the level of play and was pleased to see such an amazing turnout in only our second tryout date.

In addition to Christian speaking directly to the participants, he presented to each and every parent his goals of the academy. In detail, Christian spoke about the history and origination of Fox Soccer Academy and how it has steadily grown into what will now be a proper academy. Christian, along with his FSA staff both domestically and abroad, and his professional colleagues, have all provided inspiration and insight toward FSA PREMIER's structure and purpose. At the end of the day, FSA PREMIER is going to be just that...Premier. All boys and girls clubs teams, all the way up to FSA PRO, will be based on Christian's learnings and experiences as a Premier League Champion with the entire curriculum of this academy being based on Premier League standards.

As the day neared completion, it was evident that the community is responding to FSA PREMIER. The turnout was fantastic and the excitement from all guests was invigorating. Christian's presence and overall presentations made a massive impact as the families were overwhelmingly encouraged by his passion and vision so we'd like to thank Christian for being here. It was also great to see Christian take the time to have some fun with kids by doing some autographs and even taking some selfies!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and came out to Hudson Sports Complex this weekend for a wonderful day! We'd also like to thank the entire HSC staff for creating a professional environment for everyone.

Remember, all of our FSA PREMIER tryouts are FREE and the next session is Saturday, Dec. 14. To learn more and register, click here!


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