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FSA PREMIER Tryouts: Round 1 in the Books

FSA PREMIER had their very first tryouts yesterday at Hudson Sports Complex and the entire Fox Soccer Academy organization couldn't be more proud. Michael Holzer, Program Director, and several other FSA coaches, put the youth players to the test while having a ton of fun. Here's Coach Holzer's take on the inaugural session of tryouts.

FSA PREMIER - Michael Holzer

How many youth players were there for the first-ever FSA PREMIER tryout?

There were over 100 kids which is really impressive as we just announced it barely a week prior. It was an exciting day at Hudson Sports Complex and we expect to see the numbers grow for our next tryouts on Nov. 16. FSA Founder and President, Christian Fuchs, will actually be in attendance for the next session and he will speak about the methodology and strategy of the entire Academy.

Hudson Sports Complex - Warwick, NY

How impressed were you with the talent levels?

It was a very good standard of play from all age groups. I was impressed and happy with the talent level and I'm confident it will raise for the next round. It is important that we will have our FSA PREMIER travel clubs, but also continue our FSA Supplemental Training. We're not turning away players and if we think there is room for improvement, we will offer them professional training so they can continue to raise their game.

What were some of the drills and main areas of skill you were testing?

We worked on many different aspects of the game, primarily the fundamentals. We wanted to work on player technique, confidence, and communication. We had the players perform drills on ball control, 1v1's, 2v2's, and games so we could see how well the players worked together and their ball control.

What geographic areas were represented at the tryouts in Warwick?

We were very pleased to see players come from all across the Hudson Valley and beyond. There was a great group of local players from Orange County, Westchester, and Rockland. We also had many talented players make their way from New York City and Long Island to Hudson Sports Complex. This made us very happy because it is our goal to be the Hudson Valley's most premier soccer academy and we want to represent this entire region.

How proud are you of what is being built and what are you most looking forward to for the next tryout?

I'm very proud with the turnout and level of play. Now that round one is complete, the staff and I will regroup and look to get even larger numbers for the Nov. 16 tryout session. Christian Fuchs will actually be present at the next tryout so we are very much looking forward to him speaking directly to the kids as well as parents about the goals and mission of FSA PREMIER. We can't wait to see everyone in a couple weeks!

FSA PREMIER soccer tryouts

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