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HOPING FOR MORE: After a fun Sunday, Fuchs hopes to connect with Street Soccer USA again

Christian Fuchs: “They all tried their best and it was really a lot of fun.” (Photo by Ben Nichols)Christian Fuchs hopes his Fox Soccer Academy’s first involvement with the Street Soccer USA clinic won’t be its last.The two organizations held the event at Sunset Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. Sunday, which the Leicester City player called “amazing.”“You never know when you do this for the first time,” Fuchs said before he returned to his English Premier League club. “You have about 60 kids showing up. How it will go? how it will end up? If they are taking instructions properly, if they’re just there to have fun.“Overall, it was a great mix of fun, as we tried to make it enjoyable. Some jokes here and there. But on the other hand, the kids were really ambitious, and they were trying to put into practice what we showed them. I am really excited about the program. I hope it’s a great start, more than just a one-off training. The possibilities and willingness are there from Street Soccer USA and Fox Soccer Academy definitely to create more. I’m excited for what the future will bring.” Yes, Fuchs felt the session was a good marriage between the two organizations.“Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “I’m happy and I’m open for talks for definitely … more than one training session. There are kids who definitely have potential who maybe could achieve a little bit more than playing some soccer here and there. So we definitely want to support Street Soccer USA because it’s a great force. It’s getting what we want to achieve with our academies. We want to create the love for football or for soccer. We want for kids to play soccer more and more. We are on the same wavelength. It will be a good partnership. Both parties can definitely benefit a lot from it.”The clinic had a diverse mixture of nationalities and children of various ages. They were broken into four groups by age.“They all tried their best and it was really a lot of fun,” Fuchs said. “Honestly I was so into it and they were challenging me up to a certain rate. At dinner I was almost falling asleep with Erik Stover [Cosmos chief operating officer].”Fuchs then laughed.“It was very good, very good,” he said.Fuchs returned to England Monday because he had a training session with Leicester City Tuesday.With eighth-place Leicester City (10-10-10, 40 points) out of the F.A. and League Cups, the team will concentrate on securing the highest finish possible. The team trails sixth-place Arsenal (14-10-6, 48) by eight points with as many matches remaining in the season. “All we have now is the Premier League,” Fuchs said. “I think we are in a good position to aim for an international spot. Of course, there are other teams competing and have the same goal. But we are in good shape at the moment. We’ve had some great results lately and we have the quality to definitely to make an international spot possible. It’s just about keeping a good spirit behind the team, keeping the momentum up of winning the last game. I am convinced with the quality that we have in our squad that we can aim for an international spot and make it happen.”Leicester, which is coming off a 4-1 league win at West Bromwich, plays at 12th-place Brighton and Hove Saturday. Source: front row occer

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