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The Man in the Middle: Vieux “Papa” Mane

A soft spoken, kind-hearted person off the field, a nightmare for the opposition on it. Vieux "Papa" Mane has quickly become the man who continues to lead your Foxes to victory. Despite his calm and always smiling demeanor, Papa is a force to be reckoned with once he steps onto the field. He can cover a lot of area whether it be fighting for a ball in the air or on the ground...he makes his presence known. With 3 goals and 3 assists, Papa is the man in the middle making all the difference.

Learn more about him in our recent interview below!

FSA PRO - Vieux Papa Mane
Vieux Papa Mane starting the attack for the Foxes.

What have you enjoyed the most so far with FSA PRO and what does playing for this Club mean for you?

I've honestly enjoyed everything so far. The coaching staff is great and have been crucial towards our success. My teammates train hard each week and we have all become friends in such a small amount of time.

It means a lot to play for such a nice organization and the fans have been such huge supporters. As a new team, the support has been quite fantastic so it means so much to the guys having the fans cheer us on at Hudson Sports Complex.

How would you characterize your game and whats is your favorite position to play, especially with the Foxes?

I have been playing football since I was 5 years old. The game has meant so much to me and continues to play a huge role in my life. I like to think I play the game the right way and I want to respect the game and my opponents every time I step onto the field.

Position wise, I feel most comfortable as a defensive midfielder. I love to be involved on both ends of the game and playing towards the back of the midfield allows me to get the ball and distribute to my teammates. I love tackling the ball away or winning a header against the other team and then starting an offensive drive. Scoring goals and getting assists are always on my mind, but I want to put my teammates in the best position to win any way possible.

FSA PRO - Papa Header
Papa, number 11, going up for a head ball against Mass United FC.

How was the first road trip with the team and how did it feel to pick up the first-ever away win in the Club's history?

It was a lot of fun, even though it was a 4 hour bus ride! We played great...we played as a unit...we played as a true team. We were strong the entire match which allowed us to get the victory. The performance from start to finish was fantastic so to say we achieved the first-ever away win in the Club's history is amazing to think about!

How vital has the support been from the home crowd at Hudson Sports Complex?

The entire venue and organization has been very professional. The crowd has simply been amazing and I can't thank them enough. We wish every game could be played at home! We can't wait to be back this Saturday and to get the W in front of everyone cheering us on. Thank you fans for giving us the energy and support and we hope to celebrate another victory with you on Saturday night!

You can purchase tickets online here for our match against Krajisnik FC. Game is at 6PM at Hudson Sports Complex.

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