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Three Players Receive Scholarship For Outstanding Performance

The 2022 Winter Showcase has seen many great players giving their best in front of college and professional scouts.

Our latest showcase has seamlessly followed up with the quality of players attending the International showcase. Over 60 players have displayed talent, willingness to learn, resilience, and the ability to adapt to situations. All these key criteria were put into consideration when the coaches and scouts were asked to nominate their top 3 players of the showcase that will receive a scholarship for the 2023 International Showcase coming summer.

We are happy to announce that Moses Lopez, Mohammed Maroc, and Fox Soccer Academy homegrown talent Liam Henry have scored the most points with the coaches in the above categories and received a scholarship for the 2023 International Showcase.

Congratulations to all three talented players and to everyone who attended the Winter Showcase to display their talent on a big stage.



Foxes College Showcase | February 2023

Our next showcase will be in February with a focus on college recruitment for boys and girls. Registration is open!

2023 International Showcases

Apply today for the 2023 International Showcases which will see many coaches and scouts from Premier League clubs, MLS, USL, and college scouts in attendance. Applications are open for New York and Charlotte.

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