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Apex Athlete Series

Fox Soccer Academy is using the FIFA Approved GPS Tracker which is the most advanced wearable tech on the market. Capture your full athletic capabilities and prove you have what it takes to play like a pro.


Max Speed

Studies show that using the STATSports tracker will help make you faster and improve your Max Speed up to 9.4%.


High Speed Running

The same six week study shows that you will also increase your HSR by up to 13.6%.



Your Practice and Match intensity will improve by up to 12.3%.

Apex Athlete Series

What does it track?

The only tracker on the market with 16 key metrics, the most popular of which are Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprints and Heat Maps. See what you need to be hitting to be the best.

What Is Your Performance Rating?

Pro Score is a new feature that allows you to track your performance with one overall rating. Each STATSports ambassador has a Pro Score you can aim to level up to.

Performance Rating.png

Track Your Performance Trends

Use trends to track the changes in your training and game volume and intensity across weeks, monthly, and yearly.

Where do you rank?

Compete on the Leaderboard with other players from all over the world in four categories – Max Speed, High Speed Running, High Intensity Distance, and Total Distance.

Where do you rank_.png
Hit Personal Best.png

Hit Personal Bests

Unlock your personal bests and hit new records by performing at your highest level.

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