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FSA Visit at Red Bull Arena

Fox Soccer Academy New York took players and parents to the MLS game of New York Red Bulls vs Charlotte FC for the ultimate experience.

Visiting an MLS game is great, being a part of the show program surrounding the game even better. At Fox Soccer Academy our goal is to not only provide top facilities, trainings, and career opportunities for our players, we also want them to experience amazing events and moments together as a family.

This Wednesday, dozens of players and parents joined us as we walked onto the field for the pre-game program to hold up the New York Red Bulls center circle banner as both teams were entering the field. Players and parents were at arms length with the players, sang the National Anthem on the field with the players in front of the crowd, and enjoyed the atmosphere not only from the stands, but also on the green.

After a great game with the final score of 2-2, our very own Christian Fuchs came across the field to say high to all FSA players and parents, gave autographs, took pictures, and especially took his time to meet everyone that came to watch.

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