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Great Tournament Run for FSA Premier Teams

It has been a great weekend in which our FSA Premier teams were participating in several tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. We would like to congratulate everybody for their efforts. Special congratulations go to our 2008 and 2010 teams who won their tournaments.


2012 Girls Orange finished 1-3 at the TOPSC Columbus Day Tournament. Do not be deceived by the final team record, because the girls played up a year in the tournament. They had 0-2, 3-2, 0-2, and 0-2 scores. This, however, is a great victory considering they were playing a year older competition.

2012 Boys Orange finished 1-3 at the TOPSC Columbus Day Tournament. Kudos to the team, after losing the first three (3) games the boys were determined to take home at least one win – and they did it.


2010 Boys Orange finished 3-0-1 and took home the First Place Trophy for their group at the TOPSC Columbus Day Tournament. The team only conceded one (1) goal for the entire tournament.

Congratulations coach Adam & Team!


2011 Boys Orange finished 1-1-1 at the Beekman Cup. The team showed great resilience and grit, especially in their 3rd match of the day against LaGrangeville.

2009 Boys Orange finished 1-1-2 at the TOPSC Columbus Day Tournament and also played three (3) older teams (2008s) and beat one, tied one, and lost to one. A great showing against older competition.


2008 Boys Orange finished 3-0 and were crowned Champions at the Beekman Cup despite missing some key players to injuries. This is a testament to the commitment of all the 2008 players and shows that as players you must always be ready to step up.

Congratulations coach Alex & Team!


2007 Girls Orange finished 1-1-1 with a tie against Nirvana at the Beekman Cup. The girls continue to show how if we stay the course and put the hard work into it, the results will come.

2007 Boys Orange finish 1-1-1 at the Beekman Cup. The Boy showed great improvement from previous games this season and had a consistent high work rate.

We look forward to another full weekend of competition!

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