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John Saunders Joins Fox Soccer Academy

Fox Soccer Academy takes a clear stand in the future development of the club. The club announced this week the arrival of John Saunders who left his role as Sporting Director at MLS Next Academy TSF to join the Foxes on a full time basis. With a vast experience on the highest level of youth soccer in the USA he joins the club with the focus on player development and academy growth.

How were your first couple of days at Fox Soccer Academy and what are your impressions?

My first couple of days have been very enjoyable. I have been able to meet everybody that’s working for the academy and the facility (Hudson Sports Complex). The initial impressions have been very positive. I feel a good sense of community here and a positive environment. And I think the facilities we have are unbelievable.

You mentioned our facility, what do you make of the Fox Soccer Academy setup?

The setup is phenomenal. There are two 11v11 turf fields, lots of training space, and a high number of training goals of all sizes which you need to enhance the experience of the training sessions. We have three indoor training areas, two small-sided 3v3 to 5v5 pitches and an indoor bubble (Facilities). With those resources we can train and develop all year round. That’s something that not a lot of clubs have and we need to fully utilize. I have been extremely impressed by the setup and we have everything in place to provide a great developmental experience.

What would you say makes Fox Soccer Academy stand out compared to other clubs?

Christian Fuchs (right) in St. Louis with Charlotte FC.

The vision and the future plans of Fox Soccer Academy, based on my experience, are refreshing and unique. Having someone like Christian Fuchs behind the project makes a big difference. From his professional experience in the game, in Austria, Germany, England, and finishing his career in the MLS, and now he is on his pathway of coaching and management (with Charlotte FC, MLS), are invaluable factors and will filter down into our organization. I see this as a huge benefit for everyone involved.

The new partnership with Okkulo, which is a system that enhances decision making, awareness, and mental sharpness, is really exciting me, and will help our players in ways they cannot imagine. Also our connections overseas to Fox Soccer Academy in England and Austria provide international pathways and opportunities for our US based players to experience a different style of soccer in their journey and development of their game.

Which opportunities do you see for young players when joining Fox Soccer Academy and what can they expect?

New players joining the academy (Upcoming Tryouts: April 11-14) can expect a challenging environment that will push and develop them in many different areas. A huge cornerstone of our organization is to not only develop the athlete, the focus is the person itself, and giving new players the qualities they need to succeed later in life.


Is there anything else that is attractive to players that join FSA?

The amount of opportunities is incredible. We run Showcase Events for which college coaches from all over the USA, from Division 1, 2, and 3 programs, and international scouts from professional clubs in Europe, come to scout talent and use these events as talent identification opportunities. Fox Soccer Academy is also hosting International Trips and participates in International Tournaments (Article on FSA UK Website). Outside of the day-to-day, there are also a lot of scope for development for aspiring and motived players.



  • England native who was born in Liverpool.

  • Massive Liverpool FC fan and grew up watching the Merseyside as a young fella.

  • Holds an UEFA A License, which is the second highest soccer coaching license in Europe.



Fox Soccer Academy, together with Hudson Sports Complex, offers program for children starting at the age of 1 all the way up to senior training and competitive play. You can find all Soccer programs by click here.


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