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Little Foxes Soccer Training at HSC!

Fox Soccer Academy has evolved and grown over the past few years, but we’ve kept true to our main purpose: spread the love of the beautiful game to players of all ages and abilities. With this mission in mind and much inquiry from our clientele, we have created a meaningful program for children born 2012 - 2017 called Little Foxes!

We are so proud to offer our Little Foxes soccer training at Hudson Sports Complex as it has brought many smiles to many faces. You can see the confidence building for the children and their soccer skills have certainly improved as well. Our Coaches have done an amazing job creating different lesson plans to help the children work on coordination, camaraderie, and fundamental soccer skills like trapping and passing.

In addition to introducing the game of soccer to youngsters, we have designed this program so children can socialize, learn the importance of discipline, and to simply have fun in a safe and encouraging environment.

The winter sessions are just about halfway complete so if you’re interested in joining us, don’t fret, because we just announced our Spring sessions! We are very much looking forward to the progression of this program and to continue to see the young Foxes enjoy themselves!

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