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Red Bull New York Talent ID Clinic

On January 27th, Red Bull New York is hosting a Talent ID clinic in partnership with Fox Soccer Academy.

The Talent ID's intend is to recruit players for the upcoming UPSL Academy season in 2024 as well as a way for players to get exposed and be monitored by one of the best MLS Academies in the USA, the Red Bull New York Academy.

Tiger Fitzgerald

Red Bull New York's Head of Academy Scouting, will be scouting players at the event and give advice to aspiring players on what they should focus on.

About the Red Bull Academy

The New York Red Bulls Academy is an integral part of the club’s player development pathway with the mission of identifying, attracting, and developing players for the professional ranks. Recognized as the nation’s leading Academy system, this fully funded program has a proven track record for producing homegrown players.

Through innovative programming and a dedicated support team, the Academy produces the most talented, hard-working, and dedicated players locally and regionally. We advocate for the wholistic development of the player, and provide the most challenging training environment in North America.

Read more about the Red Bull Academy here.


Talent ID Clinic

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