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Spooky & Festive Moments on Halloween

Hudson Sports Complex's Pumpkin Decoration & Halloween Costume Event has been great fun for our FSA Family. FSA PRO qualifies for UPSL Playoffs.

It has been a fun and successful night evening for Fox Soccer Academy players this past Saturday. Dozens of children (and parents) came in their best Halloween outfits to participate in a Halloween Costume contest hosted by Hudson Sports Complex. It was also great to see many of our players showing their off their pumpkin creations and winning great prizes.

On top of all the celebration it was great to see how our academy players were supporting the FSA PRO team in their last regular season home game. It was all or nothing: Should FSA PRO win, they would qualify for the playoffs, a loss would mean they finish the season right that night.

Our senior team faced league rival Rosedale SC, a team that defeated them earlier this season by 2 goal to 1 away from home. It should be the night of Fox Soccer Academy!

FSA PRO started on the front foot and dominated every aspect of the game. After only 13 minutes our team took advantage and Diego Mayanga scored from the spot to make it 1-0. That was also the score when both teams went into the break.

The second period continued the same way. FSA PRO was very clinical using the chances they created and only after 7 minutes into the second half it was again Diego Mayanga to put himself onto the score sheet making it 2-0 for the home side.

Our team continued the pressure, not giving Rosedale SC any chance to threaten goalkeeper Alex Meny. FSA PRO showed great intensity pressing their opponent and so it was only 6 minutes later that Brandon Ocampo Toro made it 3-0 with a great assist from FSA Premier starlet Liam Henry.

The game continued the same way, FSA PRO with a great display and one of their best performances this season. The final highlight, in a very one-sided game, was when Darden Berisha took his chance to score his first goal of the game, marking the final score of 4-0 for the Foxes.

Overall it was a great evening for Fox Soccer Academy and our FSA Family. Great moments have been shared amongst each other and thanks to the support of our academy players, FSA PRO has qualified for the UPSL Playoff Semi-Final coming Saturday.

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