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Trevor Bourne New FSA PRO Head Coach

Ahead of the 2022 USPL Spring season and the upcoming tryouts this February we have caught up with Trevor Bourne to get his thoughts on the new season as well as his expectations of our FSA PRO players.

Trevor you are the new head coach who will lead our FSA PRO team in the 2022 UPSL Spring season. What are your expectations?

We had a great group of players that played fantastic soccer last Fall. It was a healthy mix of young players, some of which pushed up from our FSA Premier teams, and more experienced players that were leading the group. Both young and old complimented each other really well. There is a very tight and solid core of players that are committed to the team which I will build upon this Spring.

What is your goal and what are the realistic chances for our team?

As a coach that works with talented players, my main priority is to improve every single individual, on the pitch but also off the pitch. The importance of hard work when we are together as a group is paramount to our success. Last Fall we just fell short in the Playoff Semi-Finals which was unfortunate because this team clearly has the ability to go all the way. The aim is clear: continue to build from where we left off last season and to rise to the challenge and win the UPSL Division 1 Championship.

You mentioned the young players that are pushing into FSA's first team. How are you involved into the decision making of FSA Premier players playing up and how do you see their involvement and benefit in FSA PRO?

It is a great opportunity for our youth academy players to play on a higher level and compete and learn from experienced players. It helps them develop and mature. As I am also in charge of our 03/04 FSA Premier team, I am in close contact with potential players to get a shot at FSA PRO. It is also their chance to be prepared for their collegiate career and to help them through the process.

With FSA PRO's tryouts quickly approaching, what are your expectations of players attending and what are you looking at in particular in prospect new talent?

We want quality players with good technical abilities and that are able to play our style. The most important factor in a player is the individual character. Fox Soccer Academy wants good, committed people who create a great environment for players to enjoy playing and working hard. We have standards that are very important to us and that we keep up - no matter what. These standards are expected from every player to be understood and practiced every time they are in our setup, representing our colors. The team comes over any individual, we are here to work together, to help each other and to be successful.

Before we let you go is there anything else you want to share?

Yes absolutely. Our founder Christian Fuchs, who has played on the highest level, a Premier League Champion, and now part of the new MLS Franchise Charlotte FC, has high standards given the environment he is in for almost two decades. We at FSA need to understand that we are a reflection of him and are doing our very best to follow these standards. And we have a lot to offer: With our facilities at Hudson Sports Complex we have an amazing setup to make sure our players are comfortable and can focus on their game. We are going above and beyond for our players may it be from pre-match routines to make sure everybody is well-hydrated, all the way to supporting them with video recordings of their games to review their last performance. Players will quickly understand that we keep our standards high and that nothing below is accepted. We are committed to help every player to improve, the same commitment is requested from every player that puts on the FSA jersey. ▪︎ ▪︎

Click HERE to register for the upcoming FSA PRO Tryouts.

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