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Two-in-Two: FSA PRO With Second League Win

It was a game of two halves in which our team showed resilience, termination and patience to secure another win and make it six points in two games.

It was a rainy Friday evening evening at Hudson Sports Complex, a day for the history books. For the first time, two local clubs faced each other in a competitive game, FSA PRO and HV Hammers, the teams of Premier League player Christian Fuchs and Red Bull Leipzig ace Tyler Adams. The circumstances promised an intense game for the fight of being the number one team in the Hudson Valley in the UPSL.

HV Hammer had the better of the game in the first period. The high press of a young HV Hammers team forced FSA PRO onto the back foot, having to defend their goal at the majority of the first half. The defense around Joseph Nastu showed a lot of discipline and spirit throughout the first 45 minutes being able to neutralize one attack after the other. Goalkeeper Justin Dunilowski was the man of the hour. An outstanding performance of our number 1 kept FSA PRO in the game with several brilliant saves. Both teams went into the break with the score being 0-0.

Coach Walter Jaramillo made a couple of changes for the second half with Robert Hirt taking on the role as holding midfielder, protecting our back four from HV Hammer's attacks. This change should pay off. FSA PRO was able to get more of the game starting to create chances on their own. A furious minute with two quick goals put our team on course for the next win. A corner kick found Junior Escobar (68') who convincingly headed home the 1-0 lead. Using the disappointment on HV Hammer's side, our team kept defending forward and regained the ball right after kick-off to make it 2-0 with a great finish by Brandon Toro (69').

With the comfort of a 2-0 lead, FSA PRO kept showing amazing spirit and was now able to better play through the press of their opponent. Smart balls into the right areas made it hard for HV Hammer to successfully continue their high press and it was until minute 90, when FSA PRO sealed the game completely. Michael Dempsey decisively marched forward with a great dribbling on the left attacking side to find Brandon Toro with a smart ball across the face of HV Hammer's goalkeeper who did not have an opportunity to prevent any further harm.

A great team performance of FSA PRO in the first ever local derby saw FSA PRO taking home 3 deserved points due to their desire to defend as a team and ruthlessness and determination in front of the goal.



Walter Jaramillo - Head Coach

"We didn't have a good start into the game. The Hammers have pressed us high and put a good, dynamic performance onto the pitch. We had to modify our style of play at half time with a few changes in the lineup to win the game and collect 3 points. It was an intense game and the significance of winning against a local team made it even better. We wish HV Hammer all the best for the remaining games."

Sean Reilly - FSA PRO Captain

"It was a scrappy game. The weather conditions and their (HV Hammers) style of play and intensity in press made it that way. It was good to get the win the ugly way. Compliment to my team as we showed that we can mix it up when we have to."




Upcoming Away Fixture

New Jersey FC vs FSA PRO

Date: April 25, 2021

Kick-off: 7:00PM

Venue: Todd Bowles Complex

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