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"A great start into a new chapter"

Christian Fuchs, founder of Fox Soccer Academy and 2015/2016 English Premier League Champion, is talking about the first weeks of our new supplemental training program and his aims in the USA.

"First of all I want to say thank you to everybody involved. It has been exciting three months in the build up to our supplemental training program. Personally I couldn't wait for it to kick off and deliver the quality training we do here in England and Austria for the last three years already.

We are taking our responsibility very serious - to deliver top quality training to ambitious young players that have the willingness to learn and the determination to give their best in every single training. I am very happy with the first sessions and the feedback from my coaches just confirms my personal impressions.

Two years ago we developed our own curriculum which is based on the Premier League model that I am working with on a daily basis. Together with Mark Smith, who oversees the whole process from England, we are trying to develop our Fox Soccer Academy players step by step. We want to help talent make their dream of becoming a pro player true!

One of our goals is to partner up with local teams, to make their players better and support them in every single aspect without interfering into their own busy schedule. That's why the FSA Alliance program is very important to me. It's a program that supports clubs to improve

Christian Fuchs in Clifton

their talent and get the best out of their individual potential. If a club has good players we want to support them and help them make them even better.

I just came back from a short trip to New York and was lucky enough to have the chance to join our Clifton training this past Sunday. I loved the intensity and the focus of our players to compete and learn a new philosophy. And of course I couldn't resist not playing myself!

Thank you all again for supporting Fox Soccer Academy. It is a pleasure to have you all around and to work with your children. I will come back to the USA soon and hope to see more of our players in action!"


Fox Soccer Academy just started this January with supplemental training which focuses on the four main tactical areas in soccer - playing out from the back, playing through the midfield third, defending from the front and attacking in the final third. Based on our internal curriculum, the players are challenged in all these areas to improve and develop a better understanding in game situations.

Further to the tactical aspect, we want our players to understand how and why they are practicing these fundamentals. Our approach to detail is important so everybody understands what they need to do on and off the ball. Do I receive on the front or back foot? How do I press my opponent to help my team regain possession? There are so many aspects to the game which take time to develop but will soon show great success.

If you're interested in our FSA Alliance program please email us at For more info click here.

Our coaching staff was very impressed by the determination of every single player attending our sessions. Here are some pictures from the first weeks for you to share.

Please feel free to use them on social media or just show your friends :)

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