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Foxes v Jaguars: Battle for 3 Points

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

FSA PRO head north once again for our final away match of the Fall season. We can't believe we are already on our way to playing our 6th game as a club and we're excited to get back on the field after a two week break. We are in much need of 3 points as we continue to battle for 1st place in our conference in our inaugural year. Here is our match preview for this weekend in the words of Coach Holzer.

FSA PRO - Soccer Match Preview

The team will have had two weeks to prepare for the Jaguars. Do you think the rest has been more of a positive than a negative and what are some main areas the Foxes have been working on to improve the past few trainings?

I think the rest has no impact as we have told our players to take care of their bodies and to do trainings themselves in addition to our regular practices. We have a lot of trust in our players and that they will take the rest seriously, but to also keep their fitness intact. We had a great trainings this weeks before we head Boston focusing on both ends of the field.

Which player do you foresee having a large impact on this match and why?

One single player is not going to help us get the three points, we need a complete team effort. I want to see a strong defensive performance with another clean sheet. I hope we'll go back to what has made us strong this season which has been our team defense. I foresee a strong and organized defensive performance from the entire team.

REAL NYFC continues to win with a current record of 5-0 record. What do the Foxes need to do on their end to stay close to them at the top of the table?

We need to focus on ourselves and to win the next game against the Jaguars. We need to take each game at a time and we can't worry about things we cannot control. At the end, we'll see what is possible. We're are proud of our achievements thus far, but the team and the staff are hungry for more.

Our next home match is Saturday, Oct. 26. You can purchase tickets here:

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