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From Anfield to Philly...all in a Day’s Work for Fuchs

Your FSA PRO Foxes head down I-95 this weekend as we face the Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club. This seems like a decently far trip, but it shadows in comparison to a special guest of ours which we will get to momentarily...

This will only be FSA PRO’s second match away from home in our young existence, but a challenge we are looking forward to. The energy and support from the Warwick fans has been unbelievable and we are going to do our best to take that down to Philly with us. There is no doubt the Foxes are on a tear with three wins a row, all in commanding fashion by the way. We have outscored our opponents 14-0 during the winning streak and are certainly keeping our sights on continuing this strong form. Luckily, we’ll have some extra firepower cheering us on from the sidelines…

Club Owner and current Premier League player, Christian Fuchs, will be rooting for us...not virtually from England, but with us in Philadelphia! He has a bit of traveling to do in a very short amount of time as he'll be ready for our 6PM match in Philadelphia on Sunday. The entire team is extremely excited to have him join us because his Leicester City FC Foxes (LCFC) have a huge match this weekend themselves...Liverpool at Anfield.

Image Source: Reuters

Christian will be making his way across the pond from the land of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to the “City of Brotherly Love” in just about 24 hours! We’re hoping LCFC can get a result and that Christian will bring good fortune with him from his Fox Family to ours.

His match has its own drama as this is the first time LCFC’s Manager, Brendan Rogers, has been back to Anfield since his time with Liverpool. This match is a top-three showdown and is surely going to be a fast-paced battle where neither team is going to be wanting to drop points. Interestingly enough, since Brendan Rogers became the Manager of LCFC, only Manchester City and Liverpool have attained more points in the Premier League than the Foxes’ who’ve been able to accumulate 31 points under his tutelage.

We’re so blessed to have Christian as our leader and look forward to his motivation and wisdom as we try to gain points away from Warwick. We wish Christian and his team the best of luck and we hope the “City of Brotherly Love” is ready for the Foxes as we hunt for our fourth victory in a row. You can stream the match here:

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