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Future Foxes Free Of Charge

Soccer should be fun and joy for everyone. Especially for the youngest in our community. That's why we have decided that our Future Foxes program, for players of ages 4-8 years, will be free of charge for the month of December 2023 and January 2022.

Our goal with Future Foxes is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle whilst enjoying being active with friends and family in a safe environment.

We are happy to announce that our Future Foxes program will be free of charge for two months. But we don't stop there: After the two free months, the monthly subscription will be $20 only. This can be up to 8 sessions per month!

Do we stop there? No!

If you decide to sign up for a whole year, the annual subscription will be $200 only which includes another 2 additional months for free.

Come and join our Foxes community!

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