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History Made: 1st Away Win!

A week after locking in our first ever win as a Club, the Foxes claimed our first away victory in commanding fashion with a 7-0 win over the New Hampshire Bobcats!

16+ Foxes and staff traveled away together for the very first time looking to get three points. Despite being hundreds of miles from the Fox Den, we were eager to bring the same energy to the pitch and knew we needed to make our hometown supporters happy by bringing home the W!

It was a total team effort. The first 30 minutes were ours. Vieux “Papa” Mané made his presence in the midfield known and bagged in the first goal for us just 15 minutes in. Not ten minutes later, another playmaker, Valentine di Lorenzo, added to the lead by finishing the ball in the 22nd minute. At the close of the first half, your Foxes were up 3-0 thanks to another goal by Ahmed Abdounia.

The second half began similarly as we continued to posses and dictate the match. At about the 60th minute, Alexis "Lex" Archilla was taken down in the box. A penalty was awarded. Lex felt a little uncomfortable after being tackled and knew for the betterment of the team he should allow someone else to finish the job...up stepped Papa. 4-0 was the scoreline at this juncture and the Bobcats were totally deflated.

Our FSA PRO players celebrating after a 7-0 away win over NH Bobcats.

By the time the final whistle blew, the scoreboard read 7 goals for the away team to 0. Coach Holzer noted, "I am delighted with the result and first ever away win. It was a one sided game...we controlled and possessed the ball for both halves."

Doing the math, your Foxes have allowed zero goals and finished 12 in the last two games! Coach Holzer went on to say, "We're excited to be on top of the conference and to host Krajisnik FC at home next Saturday. We are in great form at the leaders in the table with Krajisnik currently in third. We're hoping for a full house at Hudson Sports Complex."


This week's Player of the Match: “Papa” Mané. His two goals were just small reasons towards the Foxes' success on Saturday. His confidence and overall assertiveness within the midfield has been nothing short of amazing. He totally controlled the middle of the park for FSA PRO and set the tone for the entire game.



FSA PRO return to the training ground this week with the goal of continuing their great results by getting another home win at the Fox Den! Join us on Saturday, Sept. 28 for a 6PM kickoff at HSC! Tickets can be purchased here!

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