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Hometown Kid Alexis Archilla Scores His First Goal Of The Season

It was the 20th minute in our second game against Mass United FC when Alexis Archilla took a long ball off the bounce...the opposing keeper came off his line and Alexis chipped him with the ball sailing right into the back of the net. After the game, Alexis shared his feelings about his first goal of the season and how it feels to be a part of his hometown club.

FSA PRO - Alexis Archilla of Warwick, NY

How has your experience been the first few weeks with FSA PRO?

It is truly amazing to be able to say I play semi-professional soccer, let alone being able to do it in my hometown! The first few weeks have been phenomenal. I'm learning a lot...not only from my teammates, but certainly from our coaches. Everyone is pushing me to be the best player possible and being at home provides me a little extra reason to do great!

Run us through your first goal for the Foxes?!

Danillo, our center back, saw me make a run so he sent a long ball 40+ yards. My defender misjudged the skip of the ball so I was able to run onto it. I saw the keeper come out and I was able to lob the ball over him off the boss. We went up 2-0 in just about 20 minutes and the fans were going wild.

What's your goal for the rest of the season?

I want to set the bar as high as possible. I want to push myself and my teammates. So, my main objectives for the rest of the Fall season are to not only lead the team in total goals, but to become a top scorer in our conference and even the league.

FSA PRO - Alexis Archilla Goal
Alexis Archilla with his first goal of the season leaving Mass United's goalkeeper no chance at Hudson Sports Complex.

You're not only active with FSA PRO, but also a part of the Hudson Sports Complex (HSC) staff. How do you see the involvement of both for the Warwick community?

There is so much opportunity and potential for our FSA PRO club and for the complex as a whole. HSC brings top-level training not only for soccer, but for other sports and programs. We've already had soccer camps, baseball tournaments, lacrosse camps, and a speed and agility combine among other fun events in our first few months of being in operation.

The FSA PRO team is the first semi-pro team in the history of Warwick, NY to have people within our community come together to cheer us on is an amazing feeling.

How do you feel about the great support of our fans?

The support of our fans has been tremendous. The energy they have brought to HSC at both of our home games has motivated us greatly. We are looking forward to seeing them at our next two home matches so they can continue to push us to perform at our best. We can't wait to continue the fight and hopefully our team will be great for the community and give everyone a fun reason to come together.

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