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One Of A Kind: Jack Carillo

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Fan favorite, fun, ambitious, enthusiastic. There are many ways to describe our goalkeeper Jack Carillo, but one of his greatest attributes is the dedication he shows day in, and day out at FSA PRO and to the Fox Soccer Academy family. And on top of that, he celebrated his debut during Saturday's 5-0 shutout against last season's conference champion, Mass United FC.

How has your experience been the first few weeks with FSA PRO?

FSA PRO is easily some of the fastest and most talented soccer I’ve been a part of. The professionalism of the facility, management, and the focus in training from the players and coaches have been the best I’ve seen.

What do you make of the first two games in the UPSL?

Having a 1-1 record after two games is really unfortunate. We were clearly the better team in both games and should be top of the conference right now with a 2-0 record. You can tell there was a different attitude with our training this week to make sure we finished our chances near the goal and to be focused defensively. So a 5-0 win against last season’s champions makes us a lot more confident and proud of the work so far!

You’re also doing the goalkeeper training for our team. How happy are you with the goalkeeper performances so far in the first two games?

To me, the goalkeeper is the most important position on the field. We have to be soccer players first and crazy acrobatic shot stoppers second, all while communicating to our team. Goalkeepers must continuously read the game and anticipate what the opposition will do next to keep our team organized.

Etan has been great in goal the first two games. He is a strong presence for us in the back, equally good with his saves and distribution. It was great also being on the field representing the Foxes in last night’s shutout! He pushes me and I do the same with him every day in training along with Antonio and Ryan!

On top of that, you also run your own goalkeeper school. Tell us more about Carillo Keeper School and what your goal is.

Carillo Keeper School is my own soccer goalkeeper education program, that I’ve been developing over the last 10 years as a goalkeeper coach and trainer. CKS (Carillo Keeper School) Motto: is to develop next level goalkeepers through a goalkeeper specific curriculum of excellence!

With social media today, it is easy to see a drill and say, “that looks cool, we should do that.” But, they don’t understand why or even if it would be the correct training to develop as a goalkeeper. I want every training session we do to be absorbed by the goalkeepers so they understand how to do the save, why they are doing the save, and then advance it into realistic conditions during games. These are my goals with CKS and to do it all while having a blast in a fun goalkeeper training environment!

My goal is to inspire passion for the position and truly educate goalkeepers whether it be keepers just beginning their journey or experience goalies who are preparing to play in college or even higher!

How do you feel about the great support of our fans and what impact FSA PRO can have on the community?

You can tell in just two games, FSA PRO thrives off our fans! It’s such a great feeling seeing hundreds of people coming out and supporting our team!

Myself and a few others on this team have lived in the area at one time or another and can tell that Warwick and Orange County, NY is a big soccer area! For these developing boys and girls to come to games and watch UPSL’s high quality play right here in their backyard is such a great opportunity that will excite each generation! I’m really looking forward to see the continued growth of this club, our fans, and what we can do for soccer in the area.

Let’s go Foxes!

Our next home game is on September 28, 2019 at Hudson Sports Complex. The team is facing Krajisnik FC. Kick-off is 6PM. Order TICKETS now.

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