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FSA PRO v Philadelphia Match Recap

FSA PRO traveled down to Philadelphia this weekend and faced a talented Lone Star FC side. This was only the second away match in our young history and we were ready for the challenge. We wanted to continue our great form and having a special guest on the sideline didn't hurt. Read more about our battle in the City of Brotherly Love below.

See below for Coach Holzer's post-match recap.

How would you rate the team's performance as this was only their second ever away match?

I thought it was a solid performance against a very talented opponent. We were very organized defensively in the first half and created multiple goal scoring opportunities that could have helped us extend the lead.

In the second half, they pressured us quite a bit and we lost the control of the midfield between minutes 45-60. Because of that, they deserved to go up 2-1, but then we bounced back to get the equalizer in the last few minutes. All in all, we have to be happy to get a point away from home versus a strong Philly Lone Star opponent. Although it wasn't a win, we have to be proud that this was our 4th unbeaten game in a row.

Vieux "Papa" Mane scored for the Foxes once again...what do you think has allowed him to be so successful thus far this season?

He scored both goals for us against Philadelphia. He is a very confident and comfortable player, especially in big moments. He can move the ball so well and his spacing without the ball is also a very important part of his game.

He’s been a leader for this team each week and and it's great to see him reach such high potential. I am very happy to have him on the FSA PRO squad.

What does the team need to work on this week to put themselves in the best position possible to get three points?

We need to have another good week of intense training and we will continue to work on specifics leading up to the game versus Jaguars United FC. Our goal is to come home with another 3 points from Boston.

See below for Christian Fuchs' post-match recap as he made a surprise visit to watch his team play in Philadelphia.

What improvements did you see from yesterday's performance vs. their opening night match?

It was amazing to see how much has improved in such a short period of time for this Club. Our opening night versus REAL NY FC was so meaningful, but we came up just short. You could tell this team was talented from our debut game, but we've improved on so many aspects such as communication, possession, and especially our cohesiveness on defense.

As a defender, I take pride in making big stops and obviously not allowing any goals is always the main priority so it is wonderful to see how well we've done in recent matches on the defensive end. The back line and goalkeepers have been so consistently strong.

How proud are you to see the team coming together and to see the continued support from the Warwick community and beyond?

The team looks great. There is a level of trust that you love to see within your Club. Being here in person meant so much to me and it definitely provided a little boost for the guys.

Warwick has been an amazing home. We couldn't be happier with the turn out at our home matches at Hudson Sports Complex and I know the team appreciates all the support as well. Even on away matches like we had this weekend, it is great to see all the love the team receives through social media, texts, and so on. They can't wait to be back home at the end of the month as they take on Lincoln FC on Oct. 26.

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